Community Research Presents Recommendations from Wexford County Housing Analysis

On August 29th, a presentation of findings and recommendations from the recently-completed Housing Needs Assessment for Cadillac and Wexford County was conducted for local leaders and interested developers.  Findings included:

  • Demand for additional rental housing – targeted for moderate and higher income individuals and households
  • Market potential for senior housing – for those seniors that are able to live an independent lifestyle and exhibit moderate to higher incomes
  • A need for additional single family homes – available for entry-level professionals new to the community, as well as established households within the community seeking a more modern and convenient residence
Kelly Murdock of CRS and Tim Ervin from the Alliance for Economic Success answer questions from the audience on the Cadillac Housing Market

A summary of the meeting was published by the Cadillac News at the following link:

For a copy of the report, or if you have any questions on the results, please feel free to contact us via our website or



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