Housing Market Research – Products & Services

Community Research Services performs market research that assist in decision making, thanks to:

  • Clear recommendations
  • Concise executive summaries
  • Demographic and economic data that is useful for various purposes
  • Ample graphs, charts, maps, and graphics                            
  • Sufficient narrative to demonstrate an understanding of the market and the community

We have a wide range of report formats to suit your needs, ranging from simple memo/letter summaries for internal use to complete and comprehensive market reports suitable for use by both internal and external users.

Primary report formats include:

Preliminary Analysis – a brief summary of key demographic and economic factors, identification of target market segment, and discussion of available comparable developments, with a recommendation regarding the viability of development options.  Primarily for internal use.

Market Analysis – a broader report format, with greater depth regarding local factors, site-specific characteristics, and a summary of comparable housing options.  Primarily for internal use, but suitable in some instances for external users

Market Study – a full report, containing all required content as stipulated by the National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA), including all necessary photos, site-specific information, data, and analysis generally required for most underwriting options.  Intended for both internal and external use

Needs Assessment – a broad examination of a community or region’s housing needs.  Recommendations may vary, but provide the sponsoring organization sufficient information to formulate a housing development strategy.  Intended for both internal and external use, as well as public consumption in many cases

Community Research can also tailor our reports to best suit your needs – with more or less emphasis, data, or research conducted to best meet your requirements.

For an sample report feel free to call or email – we would be happy to provide an example of our work!

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